Usually I don’t blog about topics unrelated to papercrafting, but this is just too funny to pass up! This picture is of the movie theatre in my husband’s home town of Orange City, Iowa. Pay special attention to the movie showing in the number 2 slot… Jackbutt?? Apparently people in the small, conservative town complained as being offended by the recently released movie Jackass. So…the theatre changed the sign to say Jackbutt instead. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m a Christian, my husband is attending seminary, and we don’t make a practice of saying the word ass, but Jackbutt? It’s killing me! I’m just cracking up here! And even funnier is that my husband came across this picture on a site similar to You Tube where people post funny videos and pics! Now Orange City is on the map as the laughing stock of America. Hope you got a good chuckle!