OMGosh… I’m going post crazy today! I have no idea what’s gotten into me. I’ve had several people still interested in participating in the A Muse ATC Swap that I posted about on Sunday. Well, I’m opening it up again! ATC’s are quick and fun so I hope you’ll consider joining in! Please shoot me an email if you’d like to participate. Here’s are the deets as previously posted:

10 ATC’s — you will get back 10 including 1 of your own. (if you haven’t made ATC’s before, check out this tutorial)
2 or more layers
Must include at least 1 A Muse stamp (otherwise, no vendor restrictions)
At least one embellishment preferred, but not required (i.e. ribbon, rhinestone, charm, etc.)Your swaps are due to me by Thursday, May 31st.
I will swap out on Saturday, June 2nd.

Please sign and number each of your swaps and put them in a zip-lock bag to protect them from the elements. Your bag should be marked with your name and Group #. Also include a SASE + 1 additional stamp (it will be returned if not needed). No metered strips please! Canadians are welcome to participate, but please leave ample time for mail to be delivered to me by May 31st. Any packages I do not receive by May 31st will be returned unopened.

To join this swap, you must send me an email (link underneath my picture in the sidebar). As confirmation that I received your email, you will see your name listed below and I will email you back with my address. You are welcome to sign up for multiple groups, but you must make a different swap for each group. I hope I covered everything! Let me know if you have any questions!

1. Taylor VanBruggen
2. Whitney Henne
3. Laurie Schmidlin
4. Jenna Hipps
5. Karen Bannis
6. Kim Howard
7. Jennifer Wongyai
8. Amy Westerman
9. Stefanie Ardry
10. Emily Gunnell

Group 2
1. Taylor VanBruggen
2. Emily Gunnell
3. Mary Lasse
4. Cori Bravo
5. Alyssa Pham
6. Anne Sanborn
7. Sarah Bertolino
8. Margaret Schuster
9. Jennie Moczan
10. Wendy Luse

Group 3
1. Taylor VanBruggen
2. Carol Kwong
3. Leeanna Fatovic
4. Rhiannon Christianson
5. Donna Baker
6. Jodie Sylvester
7. Darlene Laursen
8. Jackie Pedro
9. Vivian Peters
10. Anouk Martin

Group 4
1. Taylor VanBruggen
2. Crystal Spencer
3. Erika Hall
4. Anna Zuniga
5. Stephanie Nguyen
6. Vivian Peters
7. Wendy Luse
8. Emily Gunnell
9. Kimberly Gajewski
10. Lexi Daly

Group 5
1. Taylor VanBruggen
2. Crystal Spencer
3. Emily Gunnell
4. Lori-Ann Bartels
5. Kim Howard
6. Rachel Hope
7. Debbie Stein
8. Donna Baker
9. Michelle Martinez
10. Vivian Peters

Group 6
1. Taylor VanBruggen
2. Emily Gunnell
3. Leigh O’Brien
4. Eleanor Abril
5. Erika Hall
6. Rhiannon Christianson
7. Andrea Bentz
8. Vivian Peters
9. Denise Roberts
10. Maryann