Hey there, crafty friends! School is in full swing, the mornings are crisp, the days are gorgeous, and it’s officially Fall! However, my craft room is beginning to look a lot like Christmas as we head into sneak peeks for the most wonderful release of the year starting next week! Before my blog explodes Christmas, I wanted to give you a quick peek into our life with a few “Fall Firsts” for our little family:

Our oldest, Madi, started first grade this year and recently celebrated her birthday – the big 7 (how do I have a 7 year old!? – just yesterday she was crawling around my basement craft room getting into my Copics!). She’s such a sweet, responsible, helpful girl and she’s already learning so much! It makes me long for the days when my brain was a sponge – after three kids I now classify my brain as a colander (more seeps out of than stays in!).

Charlee started her second year of preschool this fall and will be celebrating her 5th birthday in October. She’s our spitfire with a spunky personality and a confidence that I admire. She knows what she wants and already has a knack for presenting logical arguments to get it – which is usually some sort of treat, extra time outside, or just a little more time on her iPad. *grin*

Our little guy, Henry, is now 16 months and has been reaching some big milestones lately. Many of you have read about our journey to his diagnosis so I know you’ll share in our excitement at his accomplishments! He’s eating lots of table food, sitting and crawling (although not on his hands and knees, he’s super fast!), and his latest accomplishment; pulling himself up to STAND! After his diagnosis, we were told he may not learn to walk and even though it will probably still be a while before he does walk, I have no doubt he will get there! This picture shows one of the first times I found him standing. He looks so proud of himself!

Thanks for taking a peek at life around the VanBruggen household! I hope you’ll join me on Monday, October 1st for sneak peeks of our October Release! Here’s just a little something to whet your appetite!