TESC132 Top Crops

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have some fabulous Top Crops to share with you today! I had such a good time checking out the beautiful entries into the TESC132 sketch challenge. Here are the winners:          Congratulations (from left to right): Lee-Anne, Makiko, Corinna, Stephanie, and […]

Taylored Expressions Survey & TESC128 Top Crops

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! A weekend must be just what I needed because I’m actually feeling human this week. I’m ready to put this cold behind me and hope it doesn’t pop up again until this time next year…do you think I’ll get that lucky!? Those of you who […]

TESC127 – Top Crops

How in the world did Monday come and go so quickly!? I returned home from ScrapFest yesterday and promptly back to work this morning which was all good until I started sneezing and realized I had a sore throat. I’m blaming my cold on my ScrapFest roomie…this is all your fault, Amy! I’m sure it […]

TESC124 Top Crops & Santa Came!

So where I have been all day? Well, Santa came today! Or I guess it could have been a late birthday present. The FedEx man knocked on my door this morning and delivered a wonderful box from Apple… a new iPad! This is especially cool because I don’t have an iPhone either and I’ve been […]

TESC123 Top Crops

Howdy! After being at the fair yesterday with farm animals and cowboy boots I felt the need to say “Howdy” today! 🙂 Jon and I had a great time at the fair! The best part is always the food and we weren’t disappointed this year either. We went to the Iowa Pork Tent for BBQ […]

TESC Top Crops – Catching Up

Some of you have noticed that I’ve been running a little behind with the TESC Top Crops! So I spent some time tonight checking out all of the entries for the last three Sketch Challenges. WOW! So many amazing creations! I apologize for the delay and here are the top crops. Just click on the […]

TESC119 Top Crops

Good morning! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It’s time to check out some more beautiful cards that were submitted for the TESC119 sketch challenge. I love seeing all the different takes on the sketches I design so keep up the good work! It was another tough decision, but here are this week’s […]

TESC118 Top Crop Prize Winners!

Happy 4th of July! I hope many of you are enjoying a relaxing weekend! I know I promised to announce the winners of our TESC118 Prize Sketch on Friday, but thanks for being patient with me! I’ve been enjoying time with family although it rained most of the day today and spoiled our plans to […]

TESC117 Top Crops

Happy Monday! We went to the Des Moines Arts Festival over the weekend and feasted our eyes on some amazing artwork! Everything from kinetic sculpture and jewelry to painting and photography. Absolutely jaw-dropping! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well. Now it’s time for Top Crops from more incredibly talented stampers! I […]

TESC116 Top Crops

Happy Monday! I can’t believe another weekend has passed. *sad face* I celebrated my birthday on Saturday and it was a wonderful day! I got to enjoy lots of my favorite things including garage saling with my mom and lots of cake too! Jon made me one of my favorites… a German Chocolate cake. And […]